What does Ronin Art House do????

We develop visual strategy solutions for brands. Our focus is narrowed to commercial photography, short films and communication design. That's fancy speak for: ad campaigns/look books, brand videos/commercials and brand identities/logos. Our production teams can vary from a single designer to a photographer set building with an entire crew to make moments come to life. 


Does Ronin Art House shoot weddings? Headshots? Quinceaneras?

Unfortunately, no. Ronin Art House focuses on visual solutions for brands utilizing a team of creatives that are masters in their respective fields. We love wedding crashing and quinceaneras make for great dance venues. But we don't work them.


Where is Ronin Art House located?

Our team is home based in River Oaks, Houston, TX. We do most of our concept creation and local work, there. We also travel heavily for our clients with small outposts in Dallas, NYC, Dominican Republic and Nairobi. So, essentially, the entire Google Maps, save for maybe North Korea and the Arctic. Remember, we're from Texas. Let's limit the snow we play in. 


Is Ronin Art House hiring?

Maybe! We generally have position openings on a contractor basis for most projects we work on and you can keep an eye on those, here. Outside of that, full time position openings will expand in the near future. 


What are Ronin Art House's rates?

The projects we work on vary in size, scope and necessary man hours. A brand video isn't a logo which isn't an ad campaign. So "rates" don't exist, per se. What does exist, is what our clients are willing to invest in a dynamic move for their growth. We're very up front about what it takes to build something great. We don't need to price gauge and love working within a client's economic sandbox, as long as it makes sense for everyone involved. So instead, we like to discuss a client's budget, relative to their specific needs.